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If you’re an investor why would you choose AR Mortgages?

Do you want a fund manager who will put their own money where their mouth is?

Watch the video and/or read the transcript below.

Hi, I’m Daniel from AR Mortgages, and today we’re going to talk about
exactly why it is investors choose AR Mortgages. The first reason is, of
course, because we are licenced. We have an Australian financial services
licence, issued to us by ASIC. That allows us to manage funds on behalf of
our investors.

The second reason is because we put our money where our mouth is. Most
deals that we do, we have our own hurt money invested in those deals. That
gives our investors a level of comfort that they don’t get when they invest
through a finance broker or do the deals themselves direct. It’s not a
guarantee that you get your money back, but it sure helps you sleep at

The third reason is because of our technology platform. The platform that
we use to manage our mortgages is used globally to manage over $2 billion
worth of mortgages. What it allows you to do as in investor or a lender is
to offer bells and whistles or terms and conditions to your borrower or
borrowers that are similar to what larger institutions can do, and that
gives you the edge over other types of private lenders.

So, if you’d like to know more about these types of products or what we can
do, give us a call on our 1300 number for an appointment, and thanks for

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